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Pineberry’s – a New Kind Of Table Fruit

This hibred of strawberry is causing a stir. Known as a Pineberry and often called a Hula berry, is white fruit known for its exotic pineapple flavor While they resemble a strawberry on the outside, Pineberry’s actually smell and taste like a pineapple.

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They’re totally natural. The hula berry is a descendant of the red strawberries native to North America, Fragaria virginiana, and white strawberries native to Chile, Fragaria chiloensis.

They are not genetically modified, nor are they a hybrid of a pineapple and a strawberry. Instead, the hula berry grows naturally when cross-pollinated with a regular strawberry plant.

Seeds or even baby plants are available for purchase.

To grow your own hula berries make sure they cross-pollinate, by planting them in a 3:1 ratio with three hula berry plants for every one red strawberry plant.

Plant them all together in a sunny area with rich soil, preferably where bees frequently visit, or provide a position where there a strong breeze. This will help encourage natural cross-pollination between plants!

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Plant around May June and expect some fruiting as soon as July! Some of them turn up entirely red which is a normal result of the cross-pollination process.

Much like regular strawberries, pineberry hula berries taste totally delicious on their own, providing a healthy snack even for kids.


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