Sizing Hydroponic Pumps – Caculations

Water volume and how high you need to pump it

Knowing how high the pump will need to pump the water up from the reservoir is a very important aspect of picking a pump. The higher up the pump needs to pump the water, the lower the gph it actually puts out will be, which is referred to as “Head Height.”

GPH stands for Gallons Per Hour, and all the pumps will have the maximum gph listed in easy sight on the package. If the pump gives a range like 300-500 gph, it’s usually because it has two different size adapters.

800GPH Submersible Pump

Water pumps used for hydroponics are just simply submersible fountain and pond pumps that you can get at most home improvement stores. With back pressure and elevation in mind, it’s a good idea to figure out how many GPH you need, your budget, and choose the pump with the tallest head height.

Once you know how many GPH you need circulating in your hydroponic system, the water pump is the simple part.

Agrowtronics provide examples and simple calculations on how much GPH you need


Click Here for the “free tutorial on sizing hydroponic tanks”




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